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Doing small steps

2009-07-28 18:23:48 by DameNingen

Welcome folks

Since I was an ugly, nosy brat I was fascinated by visual arts and of course animation.
Drew a lot myself and got some weird shit storys going on in my head.
Just never had the money or the time to get further into it...
Of course I kept track of newgrounds for years, but I thought I dont register until I have
the opportunities to blow shit up here myself.
Well now (since 06.2009) I´m unemployed so I have a lot of freetime and try to catch up to my unproductive past and try to lear flash, in wich I fail badly...
so all wich was going on since then is....watching, reading and doing tutorials on the web....

I hope I can provide you, out there soon with some animations wich you will learn to love! ;)

over and out